Nikon F with FTN Photomic finder in Mint condition Serial No: 7151862, Camera is in beautiful condition no ding no scratch no brassings on the body.
Speeds are on target, shutter curtain is nice and clean like new no wrinkles, no pin holes, self timer, frame counter and self timer  are working fine.
Lens is is NIKKOR 50mm f 2.0 no haze no fungus inside all clean.
View finder has clear view, Meter is responding well, it has K Ground Glass.
There is no issues with this camera.
This package includes:
- Nikon F body + K Ground Glass.
- FTN Finder with working meter.
- Nikkor 50mm 2.0 lens with: Nikon cap and NIKON L37 Filter.
- Nikon  AS-1 Hot shoe.
- Soft Shutter release.
- Neck Strap.
- A fresh roll of Kodak 400 T max 36 Exposures.

Mint Nikon F with FTN Photomic finder working Meter + Nikkor 50mm Lens



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