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Nikkormat EL in a nice condition Serial No: 5478319.
Camera is fully functional, Speeds are on target, shutter advance and click is smooth and healthy, shutter blades are like new, self-timer, frame counter, and self-timer are working fine.
Lens is NIKKOR 50mm f 2.0 no haze no fungus inside all clean.
Viewfinder has a clear view, the Meter is responding well.
There are no issues with this camera.
This package includes:
- Nikon EL body.
- Nikkor 50mm 2.0 lens with Nikon cap.
- Neck Strap.
- A fresh roll of CineStill 800T film.
Photos are from the actual items.

Nikon EL Nikkormat working Meter 35mm Nikon SLR Analog Film Camera



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